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Python: Formatting methods

Sting formatting with .format() method A good way to format objects into the strings to…

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Docker: Prune volumes

Volumes can be used by one or more containers, and take up space on the…

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Docker: Prune containers

When you stop a container, it is not automatically removed unless you started it with…

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Laravel Mix & Vue : Module parse failed: Unexpected token

npm errors & solutions.

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jQuery: Attribute Starts With Selector

Selects elements that have the specified attribute with a value beginning exactly with a given string.

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jQuery: Form data serialization

jQuery has a function .serialize(), encode a set of form elements as a string for submission.

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Drupal: How to enable HTTPS support in Drupal

In order to enable https on Drupal site, you need to implement following .htaccess snippet. Obviously

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Laravel: Login with email or phone

How to login with phone or email in Laravel passport?

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Build issue with Xcode 12.3 – file not found #include “ruby/config.h”

I got this error while installing Cocopods by running following command with or without sudo….

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Do you know fact about NSObject?

When you code in Swift, NSObject is the most basic class of the Apple. This is the simplest and most generic component.

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