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Auth: Cannot read property ‘$cookies’ of undefined 

I faced this problem while developing Nuxt.js authentication middleware. The key this doesn’t work within the middleware,…

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Laravel: Login with email or phone

How to login with phone or email in Laravel passport?

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Lumen/Lumen: Create & Check Password

Laravel/Lumen comes with Hash facade that provides the secure Bcrypt & Argon2 hashing for storing user string passwords.

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Lumen Passport Logout

If you are using LumenPassport (that is based on Laravel Passport) for user authentication, you…

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Lumen authentication API

Since last couple of years I used Laravel for web and API development, finally decided…

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“storage/oauth-private.key” does not exist or is not readable

If you are runing Laravel app and using Passport, you might encounter this error while…

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