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Installing MySQL on Ubuntu Server

MySQL is a database management system. It provides access to databases where your site can store information.

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How to find you public IP on Ubuntu

If you do not know what is your server’s public IP address is, there are a few methods you can try.

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How to keep processes running after ending ssh session

There are few simple steps to achieve this, follow the steps. SSH into your remote…

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Ubuntu: System monitoring with email notifications

There are some intersting tools I fond from one post at askubuntu.com. Credits: dufte Client & Server…

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Completely remove or uninstall MySQL from Ubuntu

If you in any cases need to remove or uninstall MySQL from Ubuntu, follow the…

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Install Laravel required PHP & Extentions

Following requirement part is taken from laravel official Laravel Installation documentation page. Purpose is to help beigners to…

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How to Install Postman Native App in Ubuntu Desktop 16.04

Postman is a quality REST API client, I am using this for last 2-3 years…

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How to mount partition in Ubuntu

Problem: If you want to mount new NTFS partition or have a partition is not…

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