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How to use PHP Interface in Laravel?

PHP interfaces are a blueprint of a class, that defines a set of methods that…

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Laravel Sanctum: Create a token

In Laravel Sanctum, you can create a token for a user through various authentication mechanisms….

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Laravel Migration: How to add a column with a default of an existing column

In this post, we will see how to add a new column to an existing…

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PHP8: Match Expressions

Switch statements in PHP are useful, yet clunky. Think of the new match expression in PHP 8…

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PHP8: Null safe operator 

Null safe operator is a new short syntax in PHP 8.0, that provides an optional chaining feature…

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PHP: Flip a coin

In this post, we will write a small program that will flip a coin for…

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How to install all required PHP extensions for Laravel?

Problem This problem can occur while creating Laravel project via composer and the system is…

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WordPress: Including CSS & JavaScript

While you are developing Wordpress theme, you may want to add custom stylesheets or javascript files.

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Laravel: Login with email or phone

How to login with phone or email in Laravel passport?

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Drupal: Working with filters criteria

A View filter restricts the entities displayed by the View to only those match the…

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