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Microbit: Blink and Breath (LED Module)

Overview In this project, we combine project 2 and project 3. You will learn how…

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Microbit: Someone comes & sense and blink

OverviewIn this project you will learn how to control the LED – 3W LED Module…

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PHP vs Python #2: Variables

What is variables? Variables are used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a…

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PHP vs Python #1: Syntax

Let’s take a look at the syntax of both languages PHP & Python.

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PHP vs Python: Intro

PHP and Python both are really strong backend languages, in this article series we will compare PHP vs Python from scratch.

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Docker commands

When using Docker in development environment, you might need to restart or clean docker containers fully.

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Traits in PHP and Laravel?

This is a fact that in PHP you can only have single inheritance. That means a class can inherit from only one other class.

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