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Linux GNU Screen

Have you ever faced a situation where you perform a long-running task on a remote…

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Linux / Unix

Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in all major Linux distributions

Last night, security firm Qualys released information about a critical vulnerability in all major Linux distributions. The…

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Docker commands

When using Docker in development environment, you might need to restart or clean docker containers fully.

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Linux / Unix

Grant write permissions to multiple users on a folder in Ubuntu

Create a new group like “DevOps” and add the desire users to the group.

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Ubuntu: System monitoring with email notifications

There are some intersting tools I fond from one post at askubuntu.com. Credits: dufte Client & Server…

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Linux Navigation and File Management Commands

This guide covers the basic understanding of exploration and navigation of linux system. Find your current…

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How to mount partition in Ubuntu

Problem: If you want to mount new NTFS partition or have a partition is not…

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