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MYSQL: Count of online users for last 90 days

Quick tip of the day, wounder you like to take a count of all active/online…

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How to Add Columns to a Table Using MySQL

In this tutorial, you will learn how do you create a new column in the…

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CRUD in Node.js

In this post you will see very basic implementation of CRUD in Node.js

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Installing MySQL on Ubuntu Server

MySQL is a database management system. It provides access to databases where your site can store information.

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Connect Laravel to remote MySql DB with SSH

Quick way of connecting remote database with SSH key, will be by running SSH tunnel….

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osMac and brew for PHP 7.2 & MySQL 5.6

Install/Upgrade PHP: Follow the steps below to upgrade / install PHP 7.1 to 7.2 Step1: Make…

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Completely remove or uninstall MySQL from Ubuntu

If you in any cases need to remove or uninstall MySQL from Ubuntu, follow the…

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How to create a MySQL user and database with permissions?

To create a MySQL database and user, go through following steps: Step 1: Through the…

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