Lumen authentication API

Since last couple of years I used Laravel for web and API development, finally decided to test Lumen a micro session-less framework. For sure it’s faster than Laravel full framework, but it’s lacks many default features comes with in Laravel default.

Being a Laravel developer, when using Lumen you will defiantly annoy when missing some features, those comes with Laravel default.

For example some artisan commands like:

  • router list
  • most of the make commands
  • config folder
  • and some other

But it doesn’t mean you can’t utilize them, so don’t be worry :). That’s how micro frameworks are designed, comes with minimal features then you can add on packages according to your requirement.

Well coming back to Authentication API, it includes following routes. You are welcome to give it try.

Routes & flow:

POST /api/auth/register
POST /api/auth/login
GET /api/auth/logout
GET /api/auth/verify
GET /api/user/profile
GET /api/users
POST /api/user/change-password
GET /key/generate

Postman Documentation 


Author: Danyal
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