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WordPress: Including CSS & JavaScript

While you are developing Wordpress theme, you may want to add custom stylesheets or javascript files.

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Drupal: How to enable HTTPS support in Drupal

In order to enable https on Drupal site, you need to implement following .htaccess snippet. Obviously

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Drupal: Working with filters criteria

A View filter restricts the entities displayed by the View to only those match the…

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Drupal: Show SQL Query of the View

Working with Drupal views, is amazing isn’t it? Of course, if you have any experience with it.

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The website encountered an unexpected error.

After updating Drupal Core if you encountered error displayed in image above make sure you have cleared the cache.

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Drupal core upgrade 9.1.2

How to upgrade Drupal core manually or via composer?

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WordPress file permissions on VPS

If you are runing wordpress on any VPS like DigitalOcean. Having site folder with incorrect…

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Drupal7 Clean URLs

If you are runing drupal7 site on shared hosting with apache2, you definitely don’t have…

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