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PHP: Flip a coin

In this post, we will write a small program that will flip a coin for…

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Vuejs: how to access getter from other getter

In VueJS 2.0, you must pass both state and getters. Getters are passed to other getters as the 2nd…

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Laravel: Usage of old() in form when editing

Best practice to show old value when editing a form in Laravel?

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Tip: How to install pip on mac OS

Even though you are not coding Python, you might come across some time where you…

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What is the difference between a model and a repository

Repository actually allows you to separate your business logic from database layer (Model). Repository/Entity are…

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Install nvm – Node Version Manager & node on Mac

Quick tip of the day. How to install nvm (Node Version Manager) & Node? osMac:…

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Create multiple directories with mkdir

Just a single line of code to create multple folders with mkdir command. mkdir -p…

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