Dual boot windows 10 & Ubuntu 16.04 – Lenovo Y520

Dual booting is not easy with Lenovo Y520, there are good articles & Youtube videos available regarding how to dual boot Windows 10 + Ubuntu 16.04 with with UEFI.

I took benefit of those too, since then using dual boot Mac + Ubuntu on Macbook Pro and Windows 10 Home + Ubuntu 16 on Lenovo T460 but installation process for Lenovo Y520  wasn’t easy.

Lenovo Y520 comes with two hard drives, 512 SSD & 1TB HD with following BIOS configurations:

  • Boot Mode: UEFI
  • SATA Controller Mode: Intel RST Premium

When installing Ubuntu, coming to the installation type screen none of hard disks are displayed due to above BIOS settings.

Seems like it not possible to run both dual boot smoothly on Lenovo Y520.
Somehow I managed to install Ubuntu using following steps:

  • Make a free disk space for Ubuntu installation.
  • Create  Ubuntu bootable usb disk for UEFI.
  • Restart Windows by going in Settings > Update & security > Recovery > then click on Advanced startup Restart now
  • On next screen out of given options click on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings > Restart, it will take to the BIOS
  • Make sure BIOS configuration are as following
    • Secure Boot: Disabled
    • Boot from USB: Enabled
    • SATA Controller Mode: AHCI
      Note: This will only help to install Ubuntu and list the available hard disks.
      Windows will not run with AHCI Mode and neither will Ubuntu with Intel RST Premium.
      Therefore only solution I got so far is to switch SATA Controller Mode to Intel RST Premium for Windows and AHCI for Ubuntu.

If any one find better solution for this problem, I will be thank full, write me at mig@danyal.dk.

Watch this video for details.

Author: Danyal
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