Keystudio 37 in 1 for BBC Microbit

Micro:bit is a powerful hand-held, fully programmable, computer designed by the BBC. It is only half the size of a credit card, available for children’s programming education.

Onboard comes with Bluetooth, accelerometer, compass, three buttons, 5×5 LED matrix, USB interface, connection pins.

In order to learn the micro bit easier, I defiantly recommend Keystudio 37 in 1, which includes a Keyestudio sensor shield fully compatible with micro bit v1 & v2 and other commonly used sensor modules.

In addition, this sensor kit also provides various learning projects for you, including wiring diagrams, source code, and more.

It can help you make learning easy and fun to enjoy the programming.
Each lesson has step-by-step clear instructions, suitable for artists, designers, enthusiasts, and starters to learn interactive works.

The kit gives 37 kinds of common sensors, such as Digital LED Module, Analog Temperature Sensor, Photocell Sensor, Ultrasonic Module, etc, allowing you to make a lot of interesting projects like Traffic Light, Magnetic Check, Temperature Test, Joystick Test, Photo-interrupter Test, Alcohol Detection and so on.

Keyestudio has a detailed tutorial(including an introduction, wiring diagram, test code, driver installation,

In the upcoming series of posts, we as DBFamilyVlogs will be sharing experiments we tried using Microbit & Keyestudio.

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